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panoramic.lightbox, for a message with more impact

panoramic.lightbox is a new generation lightbox featuring aluminum profiles, LED light strips, and graphics printed on fabric. These light boxes are an elegant option.

The light is diffused consistently, and the graphic easily attaches to the structure with a silicone edging. Set up and dismantle are simple, quick and can be completed by one person.

With its corner brackets, panoramic.lightbox offers a flawless finish without any light leakage.

Make your message even
more powerful
Communicate in strategic locations
Change out your message easily

panoramic.lightbox is ideally suited to the conditions of exhibiting, special events and store furnishings, as well as signage and decoration.
They integrate perfectly into your panoramic booth design. Various possibilities include custom dimensions, different profile colors, single- and double-sided options as well as free-standing, wall-mounted and hanging versions. With panoramic.lightbox, all of your projects are possible.

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