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A well-designed modular exhibit creates a statement with its high quality graphic impact that will speak your brand. All of our modular exhibits are customizable. They are designed for flexibility and versatility. Let our team create a unique, welcoming booth completely dedicated to your image and brand. Our modular and portable exhibits are available to purchase or rent. Speak with our team to see what works best for you.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)  for booths, thanks
to panoramic h-line!

panoramic h-line booths are reusable so the majority of waste is prevented.

Our concept allows the considerable reduction of the time and number of people required for set-up. Storing frames near exhibition centers helps cut down on a booth’s environmental impact. We recycle the aluminum that is used.


​Showcase your unique brand and identity to help you stand out

panoramic h-line, the most creative,
effective and environmentally-friendly
modular booth


self set-up

panoramic h-line is an exhibit booth solution that lets you easily create a custom booth using pre-assembled modules.

Ideal for those in need of a flexible, modular booth for purchase or rent.


The panoramic h-line concept is as
easy as 1-2-3

Quick and easy set-up


All of the modules connect together with the h-line connector.


There are three standard panel sizes are available: 9,5’’, 19’’ and 38’’. The panel weights do not exceed 19 lbs.

Once the panels are connected, no profiles are visible and your image is completely seamless!

panoramic h-line is the best exhibition solution for any or all of the following reasons:

  • You plan on attending at least two trade shows per year.

  • You do not know the details about your location ahead of time, or if you like to take advantage of location opportunities at the last minute.

  • You are looking for an adjustable, reusable and reconfigurable booth.

  • You wish to have the choice of purchasing or renting based on your budget.

  • You value significantly reducing the environmental footprint of your booth.


100% modular: 13 modules, 1 transport crate, 4 trade shows,

4 configuration, 4 show locations

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