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counters: blending design and functionality

Modular counters include interior shelves and have many different options. Choose from two sizes, add a backlight, a door and/or a USB charger. 

Straight and corner connection modules allow you to connect several counters together to create an even larger reception area. They are easy to set up and transport.

Modular counters:
select the counter that best
meets your needs
Optional USB charger
Custom counters: blending design and functionality

Like modular counters, custom counters integrate perfectly into your booth design. Use them to create a reception desk or area, lounge bar, tasting area, storage spaces: anything is possible.
All of our counters come with an interior shelf and a countertop that follows their shape. Many options are available in this custom line, including countertop and shelf material, shape and design of the counter, size, backlighting, USB port, etc.

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