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environmental approach


Our environmental approach guarantees you the most eco-friendly products.

Throughout the entire life cycle of our products, we implement concrete actions with our network to minimize environmental impact.

Our eco-responsible approach takes the form of five commitments that are carried out throughout the entire life cycle of our products:


  1. Opt to use recyclable, recycled, biodegradable or reparable raw materials and finished products whenever possible. Ensure that only the essential elements for desired features are used, i.e. no unnecessary parts.

  2. Minimize the impact of manufacturing on the environment by using more eco-friendly machinery and optimizing the production process. 

  3. Reduce environmental impact with local production and distribution centers. We produce and store in strategic, centralized locations.

  4. Encourage the reuse of our solutions. All of our frames can be used for several events.

  5. Oversee the recycling of raw materials and final products, or the transformation of non-recycled graphics into objects. For example, aluminum is systematically recycled, and we have created partnerships with local charitable associations to reuse graphics as textiles.

An environmental approach implemented throughout the entire life cycle of our products.

Production takes place at our location closest to your event to limit the environmental impact of transport.

Overall, we strive to integrate eco-friendly actions into our day-to-day activities and at every level.

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